If you are struggling with depression, and especially if medication does not work on you, researchers say that there is a right way to breathe to alleviate the symptoms.


Depression is the most spread mental illness.

Depression is the most spread mental illness.


An article posted just days ago on MNT reveals that researchers have come to an interesting conclusion after studying the impact of a certain type of breathing in depressed patients. Even though it is a condition that usually responds to medication, sometimes not even the newest most custom made medical treatment are not tailored on your particular kind of condition and they reduce just mildly the symptoms.

A pilot study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry studied how depression gets influenced, over an 8-week-period, by breathing-based yoga. The study was conducted on a reduced number of individuals – just 25 – diagnosed with major depression. During the 8-week trial, they have been practicing a form of yoga called Sudarshan Kriya yoga. It is a meditation method which, through rhythmic inhale-exhale exercises sends the individual in a deep relaxation mode.

After the 8-week-trial, during which there were 6 sessions scheduled, the participants who practiced Sudarshan Kriya yoga showed an improvement of 10.27 points in a 7-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS-17) – the mean score at baseline being 22.0 (the score for major depression).

According to the measurements made using the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), participants who went through the 6 sessions of yoga showed an improvement of 15 points on average for depression and a 5-point improvement for anxiety.

“With such a large portion of patients who do not fully respond to antidepressants, it’s important we find new avenues that work best for each person to beat their depression”, says dr. Dr. Anup Sharma, the leader of the research team, adding that practicing breathing-based yoga is cheap and could be an effective non-drug approach for depressed people.