Blac Chyna says Rob Kardashian has not come to see Dream, despite the claims that he misses her.
Photo: Greg Doherty / Stringer

Blac Chyna has left Rob Kardashian and has taken baby Dream with her. She then posted a long message on Instagram in which she explains why she was done with him.

28-year-old Blac Chyna, who has recently become a mom, says that she is “DONE!” with baby daddy Rob Kardashian. The model took her 5-week-old baby, Dream Renée, and left the family home. “I’M DONE!”, the hip-hop video vixen starts her Instagram post. “This entire year I have done nothing but help Rob!”. She adds that Rob is making “sad and pathetic” efforts to cover up “his personal issues”.

Chyna (real name Angela Renée White) revealed that Rob Kardashian, 29, has pushed for the baby, then stressed her out throughout the pregnancy, accusing her of cheating, blowing up, starting heated arguments and then trying to fix the situation with gifts. She said he was “being an absolute lunatic and then cover it up with gifts”. Then added: “I was verbally abused every other day. I was still there with nothing but high hopes for us!”

Chyna said she never cheated on Rob, despite him calling her “all types of bitches & hoes”. The abuse, she claims, started just a couple of weeks after she agreed to move with him into younger sister Kylie’s home. “I gave him the passcode to my phone I have nothing to hide”, she continued.

Referring to Rob’s earlier meltdown about finding evidence that she had cheated on him, the model says those were very old texts and that he came out with those because he couldn’t pick on her about anything that he had really found on her phone, as there was nothing, really, to find. She also says that Rob knows where she and the baby are, but has not come to see Dream.”

“I hope he gets the medical help he needs”, Chyna concludes, mentioning her ex-fiancée’s bipolar disorder.



Blac Chyna’s post comes after Rob Kardashian has announced she took the baby and left him. “Got the Christmas tree all set up for Chyna and the Baby, but they left me”, he said.