Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are back together on Christmas

The Christmas Spirit has melted down the conflict between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian as the two are back together. The on-again couple immortalized a cozy Christmas moment on Snapchat.

A week ago, Blac Chyna took baby Dream and left Rob Kardashian, after his social medial meltdown. She wrote an extended story on Instagram explaining why she was done with the reality star. “Accusing me of cheating, going crazy on me with massive text blast daily!”, the 28-year-old said, adding that she had to put the pride aside and move in with Rob in sister Kylie’s house and put up with his accuses. She clarified that she never cheated on him and that she was “done with the situation”.

The fight nearly ended their engagement. Kardashian posted on Instagram a video of the empty nursery that Chyna and the baby left behind. In a later post, he wrote: “Chyna knew exactly what she was doing to get me. I can’t believe she did this to me”. Five days ago, the reality star posted a photo of his daughter with a touching message: “I am going to get better for you Dream. You are my life and gave me a new start on being a better me. Love you.”

In the end, Rob appears to have made things right again and the lovebirds are back together. The couple posted cozy Christmas pics on Snapchat and 29-year-old Rob even recorded several videos of Chyna holding their seven-week-old daughter.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna announced their engagement on Instagram in April, after dating for only three months. In May. they announced they were expecting and in September they revealed they were going to be parents of a little girl. Daughter Dream was born on November 10. Chyna also has son King Cairo, 4, with rapper Tyga