Jennifer Aniston used to own the floor of her family home during childhood Christmas days.

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston had a weird Christmas tradition that dates back in her childhood. She gave it up as soon as she could, we believe, from the way she talks about it.

Jennifer Aniston is great in comedy movies, right? We all like to take a good laugh at her. Weirdly enough, she has been followed by this comic vibe all her life, ever since childhood. Especially on Christmas, her family made up a tradition that made her the center of attention, but in away that the actress says was entertaining for the family and not so much for her.

In the latest issue of entertainment Weekly, Aniston, 47, recalls that weird tradition that she left behind. “My dad’s side of the family is Greek”, she starts explaining. “They used to make me belly-dance”. On Christmas. The actress mentions that she would prepare for that moment in advance, taking belly-dancing lessons every year, days before the holiday. “I would do that. It had nothing to do with Christmas, even. It was just, ‘Let‘s humiliate Jen on Christmas.’”

Her Greek genes are what makes Aniston look so youthful, at least that’s what the “She’s Funny That Way” actress. “My dad is 100 percent Greek” she says adding that at the age of 81 he “barely has any wrinkles”. Her grandmother, whom she mentions was 95 when she passed away and was also Greek, has no wrinkles either. But she doesn’t credit only her good genes in maintaining a young appearance. The fit blonde mentions good hydration, “really nice” cosmetic products and a good sleep every night.

In the past years, since pairing with the handsome Justin Theroux, Aniston has started a new tradition for the winter holidays. The day after Christmas, the couple takes off to Mexico with their friends.