Kristen Stewart is all bruised and scratched in the photos snapped by photographers of her and (rumoured) girlfriend Stella Maxwell, on Wednesday.  


What happened to Kristen Stewart? She is all bruises and scratches.


Actress Kristen Stewart is currently shooting a film in Savannah, Georgia. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old was seen taking a walk with her blonde supermodel girlfriend Stella Maxwell, also 26-years-old. The girls were wearing dark sunglasses and a rebel hairdo, but what was somewhat disturbing with Stewart was the bruises and scratches on her face. She also appeared to have a broken lip. Her knees were injured, too.

It is not clear whether this was movie make-up, or she got those marks while practicing some sport, or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Kristen Stewart in the company of Stella Maxwell


It would be reasonable to believe those are make-up bruises, as Stewart is filming a movie that revolves around a crime scene. She will play the role of Bridget Sullivan, the house maid of the Borden family, who witnesses the murders of two of the family members by a third and will testify during the trial.

The movie, a psychological thriller based on a real-life murder, tells the story of Lizzie Borden (played by Chloe Sevigny) who killed her stepmother and father with an ax, in 1982. She was tried and, in the end, acquitted.

Maxwell, who is rumoured to be dating Stewart – none of them have confirmed the relationship to this date – paid her a visit on the set and they have spent quite a lot of time together in the past few days. On Tuesday night, they have been spotted out together, playing a game of pool and having drinks in a bar. Stewart was looking as messy as on Wednesday, which adds weight to the theory that this might just be entering-the-character marks.