7-Eleven is introducing breakfast pizza for its busy customers looking for something warm to go with the usual coffee.

Breakfast pizza is the new handout at 7-Eleven.
Photo: Associated Press

The convenience store announced on Tuesday that it will start selling pizza for breakfast, the Associated Press reports. Vice president Nancy Smith describes the new food creation as “a hearty option for customers craving a warm breakfast.”

Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods in the United States – and not only – and 7-Eleven stores are usually busiest during the morning hours, so the company thought it could benefit from mixing these two “ingredients” for a success marketing story.

So far, it was proven a right move, since during the test runs, breakfast pizza was the second-best pizza option in the 7-Eleven stores. Other pizza available are pepeproni pizza, triple cheese pizza and extreme meat pizza.

Breakfast pizza has a “flaky biscuit” crust and breakfast-type toppings, such as scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and peppered cream gravy. You can get two slices for $2, or the whole pizza for $6.

Those who have already tried it have good things to say about it. A review on BrandEating says that even though the crust is not necessarily “flaky biscuit”, but more “spongy”, 7-Eleven’s breakfast pizza is still tastier than other biscuit crust frozen pizzas.

Meanwhile, this YouTube review has only nice things to say about the breakfast-to-go.



Breakfast pizza is an unusual concep, if we take into account the fat that pizza, a type of food that originates in Italy, is traditionally considered a dinner option.