Carrie Fisher’s death was listed as cardiac arrest on her death certificate, TMZ reports. The coroner’s office will do further testing as it is not yet clear what killed the Star Wars actress.


Carrie Fisher’s death was listed as cardiac arrest. Photo: Lou Rocco/ Getty Images


Carrie Fisher passed away on December 27, shocking fans all over the world. She was 60-years-old, she had just released her memoir, The Princess Diarist, and had an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert only 5 weeks earlier, to promote it. She was her usual hilarious self and revealed spicy things that took place while filming the original Star Wars trilogy, including her brief affair with actor Harrison Ford.

Nobody expected that Fisher would stop breathing on a flight back to Los Angeles, from London, with no previous health issues to look at. The L. A. County Coroner’s Office will further perform toxicology tests to add more consistent information to her death certificate, which has been recently released. In it, the cause of death is listed as “cardiac arrest/deferred”, which translates into the need to do more testing in order to determine a clear cause of Fisher’s death. Toxicology tests will be able to pinpoint to any drugs being used some time before her death.

Carrie Fisher admitted to have been addicted to drugs and prescription medication. In November 2001, she was telling Psychology Today that drugs made her feel normal and “contained” her. She openly discussed about her bipolar disorder and her electroconvulsive therapy treatments.

On other occasions, Fisher opened-up about her cocaine use during the shooting of The Empire Strikes Back, admitting that she realized she was losing control over how much she was using. In 1985, she accidentally overdosed and was rushed to the hospital. The overdose was from a combination of prescription drugs and sleeping pills.

In 2014, the actress-turned-writer revealed she was not on drugs anymore and was receiving emotional support via a four-legged friend: French bulldog Gary.