George Takei
Photo: Alex Lozupone

Star Trek actor George Takei started a petition to support Muslims in the U.S.. The petition targets president-elect Donald Trump.

Actor and movie director George Takei, a sworn Liberal, won’t stand by and watch how Republican president-elect Donald Trump and his cabinet target religion-based communities and ban their members from the United States.

Takei’s petition has a currently established goal of 60,000 supporters and it is very close to hitting that – at this moment, it has gathered 55,186 signatures and will have reached its goal before the end of today and have surpassed it, probably setting a higher one.

“A Trump spokesperson recently stated the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II “sets a precedent” for Trump to do the same today”, George Takei’s petition reads. In it, the actor is describing his childhood memories of when he was “prisoner in [his] own country”. At the age of five, he recalls, his family was taken from their Los Angeles home, at gunpoint, and moved into an internment camp. They were “held within barbed wire compounds, armed guards pointing guns down at us.”

He described the then-regime as based on fear and racism, a promotor of “a living hell for over 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans, most of whom were U.S. citizens”, all in name of security.

The petition targets Trump’s plans to establish a Muslim registry and deny freedom of movement to immigrants from “certain” Muslim countries from the U.S. “It starts with a registry, with restrictions, with irrationally ascribed guilt, and with fear,” 76-year-old George Takei writes.

Takei’s initiative aims to show the Muslim community that it benefits from a lot of support and to send Donald Trump a powerful message against his immigrant-restrictive policy.

Takei has also been very active on social media, mainly Twitter, regarding his petition.