A Los Angeles judge ruled, on Thursday, that musician Robin Thicke did not abuse his son, as his ex-wife, Paula Patton alleged in court documents. 6-year-old Julian will remain in the custody of both parents.

Robin Thicke and his son, Julian
Photo: Getty Images

41-year-old actress Paula Patton accused ex-husband Robin Thicke, 39, of physical abuse against their 6-year-old son Julian, of whom they have joint custody. She claims the singer had alcohol and drug problems that cause him to discipline his son in a physically abusive manner. In the complaint, she asked for custody limitations for Thicke. She writes that Julian showed her how he would get spanked by his father and said that “it was worse than that”.

Sources tell People that Patton wanted more custody and that she made up the allegations.

Thicke responded to Patton’s claims, saying that she only used “light spanking” and that was very rare anyway. He insisted that Patton “hold residual anger” as she was not permitted to attend the funeral of Thicke’s father, Alan Thicke, last year. He explained that she was not getting along well with Alan and therefore she was “not welcome at his funeral. It is my belief that Paula only wanted to attend because it would have resulted in additional public exposure for her.”

Thicke also mentioned difficulties in talking to his son on FaceTime. After making several attempts, Paula called him and let him speak to Julian for “a couple of minutes”.

According to the current custody agreement, Robin gets Julian overnight every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Alan Thicke and Paula Patton tied the knot in in 2005 and divorced in 2015.

Paula Patton is best known for her role in the comedy Hitch (2005) and the one in the fantasy Warcraft (2016).