NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving has no doubt the earth is flat.
Photo: TonyTheTiger

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving believes that planet earth is, in fact, flat. The basketballer expressed his view during the podcast Road Trippin’, hosted by Allie Clifton.

Kyrie Irving, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye were invited to express their views and thoughts on Allie Clifton’s podcast, Road Trippin’. Several scientific subjects were brought into discussion, among which the shape of the earth and the “modern” trend that some people adhere to, stating that the planet is not round, but flat. One of the people who believe this is Kyrie, who thinks there shouldn’t even be a debate about it: “It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.”

When Allie Clifton contradicted him, telling him that our planet is, indeed round, the basketball All-star didn’t want to hear it, convinced that he was right. He added: “the truth is right there. You’ve just got to go searching for it.”

So, is he joking or is this something he is really convinced of? Judge for yourself! Here is a short video that ESPN writer has done with Irving, after his appearance on Clifton’s podcast. “I’ve seen a lot of things that my educational system has said that was real that turned out to be completely fake”, he said, among other things. Even though at first, he seems to be amused of the interview, his attitude changes later on. He even encourages people to do their own fact check.

But back to the podcast, Irving was also asked if he thought aliens were real. He corrected the host, saying they should be called “extraterrestrial beings” and that yes, he does believe they exist.

Here is the complete audio of the podcast.

24-years-old Kyrie Irving is playing for Cleveland Cavaliers since the beginnings of his career, in 2011.