Pop star Katy Perry has a passion for fashion and, for the past four years, has worked on a project that contributes to this field. More specifically, to footwear. The singer launches her new shoe line today!


Katy Perry launched whimsical shoe line. Which ones do you like best?
Photo: KatyPerryCollections.com


The Katy Perry Collection will be available for purchase starting February 16, in retail stores, as well as online. The singer, who has always wanted to have her own shoe line, has put her imagination and creativity to work for this line that could best be described as whimsical. The footwear included in the collection range from bunny flats, to cigar-shaped heels, to see-through heel sandals. You can find flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers and booties.

As for the prices, they are accessible to any American (and not only). In deciding the prices, Perry says she took into account the fact that “not everybody is rich, and not everybody is excessive”. According to an interview to Footwear News, the singer said: “Everybody has more important things to spend their money on — whether it’s their children, or their family or their health.” She added: “At the end of the day, your personality shouldn’t be so expensive to display.”

The cheapest pair is jelly sandals in tropical colors. They are $49.

The most expensive is a 1990s-inspired open-toe boot with transparent heel and a dollar sign stylized on the side. A pair of these, coming in green of black, is priced at $169.

Perhaps the most interesting detail that marks all the entire collection is the heels. They come in the most unusual shapes and colors and some even have objects trapped in them.

“[Footwear] was a part of me that needed to be carefully created and developed”, Katy Perry said in an interview to Footwear News. “I had to weigh a lot of my options… You are what you wear, right?”

The Katy Perry Collection is available on the official website, on Amazon, Zappos, Lord & Taylor and at Macy’s.