Singer Adele confirmed her marriage to boyfriend Simon Konecki. During a concert in Australia, the pop diva finally put rumors to rest, a month after she had put the first hints out there.

During her concert in Brisbane Australia, over the weekend, Adele confirmed, loud and clear, that she is now a married woman. On a break between songs, she talked a bit about “Someone Like You”, comparing the intensity of feeling you experience after a break-up with those when you fall in love again. As bad as a break up can be, as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on earth”, the singer explained, adding that she was “addicted” to that feeling.

Then added: “Obviously I can’t go through with those feelings because I’m married now. I’ve found my next person.”

The 28-year-old singer did refer to her longtime partner, Simon Konecki as her “husband”, during the Grammys speech, in February, but she said it in a way that was just hinted, not confirmed. Going up onstage to accept the award for Best Album, Adele concluded her speech: “Grammys, I appreciate it, the Academy, I love you, my manager, my husband and my son – you’re the only reason I do it.”

When, later at the event, her representative was asked to confirm that the two have indeed tied the knot, the press received a “no comment” reply.

Adele and Konecki have been together since 2011, but they have kept their romance out of the spotlight. It was one year later, in June, 2012, that they have made their first announcement connected to their relationship: they were expecting. In October 2012, the singer shared with her fans the joy of having become a mother for the first time. She and Konecki had welcomed a son, Angelo.

No talks about wedding bells though.

And in January of this year, a source speaking to People explained why Adele’s relationship with Simon is working so well. “It is because they are on the same page. Their priority is their son, and Adele loves being a mother.”

On a different occasion, Adele herself described her relationship with Konecki as “the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in.”

With such a strong bond, no wonder that marriage was not on their top priorities. Or so we thought, until this past January. A paparazzi shot of the singer wearing what looked like a wedding ring, a thank you speech at the Grammys in which she mentioned a “husband” – these hints were more than enough to conclude that the “Hello” singer said “buh-bye” officially to the single life.

Her confirmation over the weekend was just the public joy of hearing it from her own lips.