The Boss Baby premiered today and reviews are saying it is not the best entertainment you could benefit from in theaters. More than that, some call it uninspired or just boring. Or is it about Trump?


The Boss Baby premiered today, March 31.
Caption: YouTube


This adorable little angel is The Boss Baby. He is the latest member of the Templeton family, which includes dad Ted (voiced by Jimmy Kimmel), mom Janice (voice: Lisa Kudrow) and big brother Tim (voice: Tobey Maguire). The parents are over the moon about their new bundle of joy, which cannot be said about Tim, who is jealous now, that the baby brother is getting the most attention.

But rivalry is not all that stands at the basis of Tim’s frustration. He finds it odd – probably like all viewers – that the baby is wearing a suit and is carrying a briefcase with him everywhere, an aspect that his parents are oblivious to. Suspicious, Tim is stalking the baby, only to find out, at one point, that he is speaking in an adult-male voice (that of Alec Baldwin) and that his attitude is very…bossy. It turns out that he is an infant with an adult-like mind, sent on a research mission.

So far, The Boss Baby got average reviews, being described as a movie not really worth seeing. The Hindu calls it “neither hysterical, nor insightful”, while National Review says Baldwin “destroyed” the main character. Mentioning similarities between the bossy baby and President Donald Trump, it writes: “It is impossible to separate the actor’s art from the actor’s hate.”

Vanity Fair found quite a bunch of similarities between the baby and U.S. president Donald Trump. Calling it “the timeliest film of the year”, the publication reminds us that Baldwin, who voices the infant, famously impersonated Trump on Saturday Night Live. Moreover, the baby’s diaper and sock suspenders send you to the former Apprentice host’s shout “you’re fired!”

Here is the trailer for The Boss Baby, introduced to you by Alec Baldwin himself.