Today, March 23, is National Puppy Day! Here’s a celebration that will make everyone smile! And here are some of the most adorable puppy videos that we have put together in one post, just for you! Moreover, we’ll tell you where you can adopt safely from.


This French bulldog puppy would celebrate National Puppy Day with a nap. Photo: MorningGossip



How would you react if you finally got the puppy that you have tried to talk your family into getting for a long time? Or if the little bundle of joy were a surprise gift? What we have learned, after watching this compilation, is that joy sounds the same, no matter what age you are.

Let’s see if you can hold back your tears!


And now, that we have you all emotional, here is a side dish of laughter! These puppies have something to say! And it’s all in the tone.


What do puppies eat? Aside from their regular puppy dog food. They seem to be into peanut butter. Anyone getting hungry?

The National Puppy Day was created to raise awareness on the increasing number of dogs who need homes.

Numerous dogs from rescue shelters need responsible loving owners and play buddies.

Arthur is available for adoption, along with other 18 of his buddies, at Puppy Palooza in Los Angeles.
Source: ABC7

On National Puppy Day, in Los Angeles, ABC7 will put up for adoption 19 puppies during the fourth edition of their annual event called Puppy Palooza.

The event starts at noon, at the North Central Animal Shelter, located 3201 Lacy Street, Los Angels. You can also adopt via phone, by calling (213) 847-1416 and giving the ID of the pup you’d like to bring home.

Adoption fees start at $102. All candidates are spayed or neutered and have their vaccines up to date. You can pick your favorite here.

If you have your own puppy at home, we wish you the best moments together!

Happy National Puppy Day!