Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal answered some of the most googled questions about each other. They recently sat down with Wired and unveiled some things fans have been curious about for a while now. For example:

Is Ryan Reynolds related to Ryan Gosling? Here is what Gyllenhaal explains:

“Canada had sex with America and then they made the two of them and they’re twins. Both of them tried to eat each other in the womb, but they didn’t they survived. And because of the trauma they both became actors.”

During this time, Reynolds was nodding his head in approval and concluded: “There you go!”


Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal
Source: Youtube


After a tour of questions about Reynolds, comes Gyllenhaal’s turn to be the target of odd curiosities. Each question starts with a formula, such as “what is Jake Gyllenhaal…” and the rest of the question is uncovered by the actors, who then have to answer.

“What is Jake Gyllenhaal”… this one could end right here!”, Reynolds says. But he decides to unveil the full question: What is Jake Gyllenhaal zodiac sign?” The answer to that, in the video.

Here are other questions that you may or may not have thought about asking, but that might spark your curiosity:

What does Jake Gyllenhaal eat?

What time was Jake Gyllenhaal born?

Does Ryan Reynolds wear eyeliner?

Did Jake Gyllenhaal go to college?

Is Ryan Reynolds missing a tooth?

Why Ryan Reynolds kissed Andrew Garfield?

Can Jake Gyllenhaal sing?


Ryan Reynolds, 40, and Jake Gyllenhaal, 36, are starring in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Life, which will hit theaters on March 24. The movie, also starring Rebecca Ferguson, tell the story of three astronauts who are on the verge of making a discovery that will mark the history of human kind: the first proof of life on Mars. However, they did not expect that the newly-discovered life form would turn terrifying.

Check out the trailer: