Comedienne Sarah Silverman took to Twitter to explain her decision to not have kids. Recently, the 46-year-old posted several tweets about her choice.


Sarah Silverman says she had no choice but to sacrifice motherhood for her career.
Photo: Ali Shaker/ VOA


On February 27, stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted about her decision of choosing to pursue her professional dream in the detriment of motherhood.

She started by implying that her career was fulltime and said she had to make a choice between becoming a professional or a mom. “As a comic always working & on the road I have had to decide between motherhood & living my fullest life & I chose the latter.”, she wrote.

She then added that for men it is easier, because they don’t have to pick one of the two. “I’d so love to be a fun dad, coming home from the road & being my best fun dad self.”

The 46-year-old concluded that being a woman requires sacrifice at some point in life.

She added that others in her branch were aware of this truth and that they were her “only” family. “ I ❤️ my comedian brothers that acknowledge this truth. They’re my family & for a lot of us women comic sisters, our only family.”

This is not the only reason Silverman has invoked when it comes to her decision of not becoming a mother. In November 2005, she was telling the Los Angeles Times she was afraid that her children might inherit her depression. However, in an essay for Glamour magazine from 2015, Silverman wrote that she did not feel the same anymore.

“I like to think I would therapy through it (instead of helicoptering around my kids in horror that something is wrong with them)”, she says adding that she puts “freeze eggs” on her to do list every day. “Then it keeps getting passed on to the next day’s list”, she concludes, adding that maybe one days she will adopt.