Sims 4 players – and generally Sims players – have noticed that many times, circumstances in the lives of their characters have a stunning resemblance to what they experience in real life. Here are 7 things that happen in Sims 4 just like in real life:


Sims 4 defies common sense many times, but there are also numerous occasions when players are confronted with stunning similarities. Sometimes Sims 4 is just like real life.
Screenshot: The Sims 4



She flirts with you the whole night, but then she refuses to give you her phone number – so Sims have free will and especially those who you do not control at the moment of the action can do things you wouldn’t expect, that might be inconvenient. But when your Sims has been working for hours to get the attention of their crush and she/or he is leading them on, just to turn down their advances because they are not ready to go to the next Romance level…

When you you gotta go, you gotta go – In Sims 4 just like in real life, people are very sensitive to their basic needs and when one of them is at a critical level, all of the sudden they don’t want to do a bunch of stuff. For example, if a Sims needs to go potty, he will refuse to garden, read, or do their homework. This makes us think of Maslow’s pyramid, a concept in psychology which explains how humans prioritize needs and their satisfaction. Basic needs are usually safety needs (food, shelter) and they come before love, aspirations, profession, hobbies, or even self-esteem.

Death of a loved one triggers the deepest sadness – when Sims witness the death of a loved one, they stay sad for two days (which is A LOT in Sims days). Unless they work with perseverance on getting over the sadness, mourning takes over and they barely have the will to do stuff. It makes you think…

If you don’t get a job, you need very good skills to actually make money – Sims can do alright without a job – and NO CHEATS: they can dig small treasures, like crystals, boxes, minerals; they can fish, they can harvest plants around the neighborhoods, and some other small activities. However, it is rarely that they dig-up a treasure. So, in order to make good money without holding a job, you better work on getting those skills up: fishing is a good one, programming is another, gardening is also a winner.

Even adults feel the need to play from time to time, with kids’ toys – adult Sims may take toys from the kids’ toy boxes and play with them, exactly like the little ones. Then, instead of putting them back, you would see them hiding them in their inventory. We wonder how many of you, readers, have their own private toys, that kids are not allowed to touch.

What says how rich you are is your home – not the clothes you wear, not the hairdo, not the make-up, nor the places you frequent. Those are available to anyone and almost any of them are reachable, with a little effort. Could you buy a dress from Tom Ford priced at $8,000? Maybe, one day. Could you buy a 3-story mansion with a pool, a cinema, 10 bedrooms, a gym, a video game room in the basement and a basketball field, priced at $20 mil? If you can, don’t tell us, we’d get jealous…

Crazy is a matter of opinion – alright, so your neighbor thinks there must be something wrong with you for going out in your pajamas, to buy groceries, or, in this case, if you mop the water from the grass. In Sims 4 just like in real life, if you are a neat freak, you are justified to do that, whereas if you are considered “normal”, that action falls under the “something’s wrong with him/her” category.

Sims 4 just like real life – in some cases, crazy is a matter of opinion
Screenshot: The Sims 4


In Sims 4 just like in real life, many things are unexplainable, and the glitches that interfere with the game’s action or looks may trigger some laughter. But is proves once again that a game such as Sims, a life simulator, accomodates the unexpected with no trouble.