The Biggest Loser trainer-turned-host Bob Harper opened-up about being dead, then alive again. The 51-year-old went into cardiac arrest this year in February, while at a gym in New York.

Bob Harper opens-up about the aftermath of his heart attack.

This is a subject you’d want to hear a celebrity talk about: coming back from the dead. Bob Harper, one of the Biggest Loser veteran trainers, who has become the show’s host in 2015, has experienced what few of us have, but are extremely curious about. They say you die only once. But in rare cases, such as Bob’s you get a do over.

Joking aside, the 51-year-old suffered a heart attack two months ago, on the 12th of February, while training at a gym in New York City. Now, he shares on the Today show, how that was. He started by saying the obvious: his heart stopped. “I was on that ground dead”, he adds, without the purpose of making the subject dramatic.

What Harper does not recall, because he lost consciousness once he dropped on his knees and stopped breathing, is that two doctors that were at doing their workout routines in the gym at that time, quickly jumped to help him. They gave him CPR and used a defibrillator on him twice. Paramedics came and rushed him to the hospital, where his prognosis was so gloomy…he had 6% chances to wake up from the coma.

When he finally woke up, two days later, Harper was very confused. He did not remember anything from the day of the heart attack and he kept on asking friends about what had occurred. He suffered short-term memory loss, which made him ask over and over again the same thing. “Ten minutes later I was asking the same thing and getting super emotional”, the reality star said, comparing himself to Dory from the animation Finding Nemo. He added: “My friends were so great. They were like, ‘It was really so sad, but kind of funny too,’ because they were reliving it over and over.”

The aftermath of the heart attack: Bob is undergoing cardiac rehabilitation three times per week He is dealing with depression following the incident.

His advice for others:

  • Do regular check-ups, get your cholesterol checked, see what’s going on inside
  • Avoid going to gyms where the personnel do not know CPR and they have no automated defibrillator