On April 8, Brandy Rusher will burry her brother, Wayne, who was killed during the Haverstock shooting.

Former ANTM contestant Brandy Rusher mourns the loss of her brother, Wayne Rusher, who was fatally injured in the Haverstock shooting.

On March 25, numerous media reports were sharing the story of an altercation which ended-up in a bloodbath at the Haverstock Hills Apartments, in Harris County, Houston, Texas. Following a heated argument between two camps, one camp got too angry and turned the weapons against the other, a group of six people, of which at least one was living in the complex.

The day after the report, police brought in two brothers, Jeremy Jones – 28-years-old and Harvey Jones – 34-years-old. Jeremy was charged with capital murder, while his older brother Harvey faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

That same day, charges were dropped against Jeremy. The police motivated that they actually got the wrong guy.

Very little to no information was shared about the victims in the Haverstock shooting after the day of the tragedy. The aftermath showed two dead – one was Brandy Rusher’s brother, Wayne, and the other was Christopher Beatty, a friend of the family.

Brandy Rusher was back on social media at the end of March. After posting a couple of messages of fundraising and mourning the loss of Wayne and Christopher, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant decided to take a short break from Facebook.

“I’m #deactivating my page. I love y’all. But by the time I return, God will deal with some of your #heartless issues. Goodnight: she wrote bluntly, adding that those who need to find her have her phone number.

I'm #deactivating my page. I love y'all. But by the time I return, God will deal with some of your #heartless issues….

Posted by Brandy N. Rusher on 31 Martie 2017

A couple of days ago, she came back and shared a painful  “epiphany”:

“I just had an #epiphany, probably, right along with my family, that my brothers baby’s; #Saniya, #Londyn, and #Alice #Rusher will not see thereFather #EVER again”. She continued: “Damn…… I pray that you realize its not that serious to #shoot.”

The investigation for the Haverstock shooting is ongoing.

On Saturday, April 8, the family will have the funeral for Wayne Rusher.