To donate your car for kids is one of the easiest ways to get rid of a vehicle that you don’t use anymore and do a good deed that will have a direct impact on the quality of everyday life or education of a number of children.

Several charities include the possibility of getting funded through a “donate your car for kids” program, which works about the same in all cases:

1.You fill out a form on their website or call on the indicated number to let them now you have “a jewel on four wheels” to give away.

2.You set a date when one of their representatives will come and tow the car you have agreed to donate.

3. The car will then be sold, either “as is”, or if it is in very poor shape, as parts. There is also the possibility that it be included in the organization’s programs for the kids as means of transportation.

4.You receive gifts. Yes, most charities do offer something back for your trouble and to reward your good intention. You usually receive something symbolic. For example, Krs4Kids offers a tax deductible receipt (deduction can be as high as the price received for the car when sold by the charity) and a voucher for a 2 nights at a hotel, in a place of your choice, from the list of 50 locations they have available for you on their website.


At CarsToHelpKids,  you can find a list of all the locations that you can donate a car.  Another charity you can give a vehicle to ( they also take motorcycles and boats, in case you have some lying around) is Kars4Kids.


Donate your car for kids programs keeps many of them in school.
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The money raised through selling the cars that are donated get to kids in different ways, according to the priorities of the charity you have picked. Some support kids’ hospitals, or they create and sustain mentoring and educational programs, others found research, or initiatives developed with the aim of providing better care and support for the kids.  Most kids’ charities organize summer camps, or after-school programs, meant to offer kids the best possible mentorship and also a fun time.

Donate your car for kids programs have prevented school dropout, have limited peer pressure and negative influences, low self-esteem issues and financial stress.