Mayte Garcia, the first wife of the late Prince, released a memoir about her marriage to the music icon. Prince passed away last year of an accidental overdose.

If there is anyone who can tell interesting stories about everyday life with Prince it’s his ex-wife Mayte Garcia. Their relationship was eccentric to say the least.

They had known each other since she was a minor and after she turned 18, she became his girlfriend.When she turned 22 and he was 37, the two tied the knot right on Valentine’s Day. She became pregnant soon after. Prince was very excited to become a father. He even edited his unborn son’s heartbeats into the song “Sex in the Summer” from the Emancipation album. The son’s original name was “Conception”, but the singer changed it after the birth of his son Amiir, on October 16, 1996.

Mayte and Prince’s only son passed away just days after birth, due to a rare genetic disorder: type II Pfeiffer syndrome. Prince was very private about the matter. Neither him nor Garcia divulged the birth of Amiir, nor the death. Press investigation was slow and information was difficult to obtain.

Prince’s private life was itself quite a mystery to many. But now, Mayte Garcia is ready to talk about her 4-year-marriage to the iconic multi-talented artist. Her memoir is named “The Most Beautiful Girl”, just like the song he released in 1994.

Mayte Garcia released a memoir about her relationship with Prince.

In the memoir, Garcia talks about a lot of different aspects of her life as Prince’s girl:

The loss of their son – the 43-year-old says that through this book she feels like she is honoring the memory of their son. Losing Amiir was “really hard on my body, on my soul, the loss… and for many years I kept it trapped.” On the other hand, prince just dived into music, blocking his feelings or doing some kind of catharsis.

The will that got lost – Garcia recalls talking with the musician about a will. She says she advised him to make one where he would leave instructions of what he wanted to be done with his belongings and fortune after he had passed. “I never saw it, but I know that he did. I don’t know what happened to it.”

His health state – she says she had rarely seen him ill of suffering. Let alone use drugs. “He never complained about pain. I never saw him drunk. The three incidences that I mention in the book, the first one was aspirin and wine”, she writes explaining that at that time she didn’t think about it too much because it was a happy time in their lives – just a few months after they had gotten married.

His death – Garcia found out about her ex-husband’s death from his other ex-wife, Manuela Testolini. She had broken ties with Prince and says she regrets she didn’t reach out to him when she found out he was ill, earlier in 2016. Upon the news that he was dead, she says: “It was just an out of body experience. It was horrible. I didn’t want to believe it.”

Mayte Garcia gives The Associated Press more details on her life with Prince in the video below: