Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan spoke to People about her latest television project called Why Don’t You Lose 5 pounds?  During the interview, she reveals that after the 1994 attack she struggled with PTSD and anorexia.


Nany Kerrigan to People: “I just started shrinking.”
Caption: People


47-year-old Nany Kerrigan is the executive producer of a documentary called Why Don’t You Lose 5 pounds? The ice skating star talked to People about her project and revealed the 1994 attack psychological aftermath.



In January 1994, Nancy Kerrigan was hit over the right knee with a bat, during practice, by a man called Shane Stant. The man was rapidly linked to her competitor in the Olympics, Tonya Harding, as he was hired by Harding ex-husband for the assault. Kerrigan had the right knee injured and had to withdraw from the national championship, which was won by Harding. However, the injury was not too serious, so she was back on the ice in no time.  She won the silver medal in that year’s Olympics.


Tonya Harding (left) and Nancy Kerrigan (right) as competitors.


Meanwhile, Harding pleaded guilty in mid-March of that year to conspiring to hinder prosecution of the attackers. Aside from a fine, and community service, she was forced out of the U.S. Figure Skating Association. Her career was over.

For Kerrigan, healing the knee came much faster than the emotional healing. She developed a form of PTSD and, as a result of that, started avoiding food, going into full-blown anorexia. “I just started shrinking. I’d put on makeup differently to sort of hide that I was wasting away”, she says. The pressure of being in the public eye bearing the “victim” label was overwhelming. “I was being followed in cars by the media and I was in the news all over the world. Even in the Olympic Village it was very uncomfortable

This was happening before winning her last silver medal, before withdrawing from figure skating for good.

Aside from producing documentaries, Kerrigan is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She is competing in the reality competition’s 24th season alongside 34-year-old pro dancer Artem Vladimirovich Chigvintsev.