Denim is back and the more you wear, the better. For women who like to dress comfortably but still feminine, the jeans dress is one of the best items you can have in your wardrobe this spring and summer. But you might enjoy some fashion advice on how to accessorize it. Here are some ideas on how to wear the jeans dress this summer.


The jeans dress is a must this summer.

In this article: the babydoll dress, the shirt dress and the maxi dress.

The Babydoll denim dress – following the line of indoor sexywear, this kind of design ends above the knee and may or may not have a plungy neckline. The skirt part starts above or right under the bust line, giving the dress a young, innocent vibe. A jeans dress with a babydoll shape is a day dress. Match it with a neutral color fedora, sunglasses and low-heel footwear. Add a messenger type of bag and you’re good to go.

Alexa Chung wearing a babydoll jeans dress


The Shirt denim dress – this type of dress, that looks like an oversized shirt, gives you multiple styling possibilities, from the “girl next door” style, to the “wild wild west” style, to “city chic”. It is all in the details of the main piece. A dress that closes in buttons all the way down, precisely as a shirt, makes an excellent mix with high heels, dark shades and a shoulder bag of a handbag. A bracelet with a clean line – not too blingy or a watch will fit perfectly into the look.




The Maxi denim dress – a long denim dress is the kind of piece that turns heads. Due to the heavy texture of the fabric, this dress will successfully hide the body imperfections and with a little help from you, by picking the right hairdo and the right shoes, this can turn into a real street style jewel. The jeans dress that Gabrielle Union is seen wearing in the photo below is complimentary to any silhouette, elongating the neck, allowing you to pick if you want to wear a bra or not, slimming the waistline and making the legs look supermodel-long. For the maximum effect, wear high heels, either sandals, or boots, but try to stay away from platforms, they do nothing for this look.

Gabrielle Union looking stunning in a jeans dress
Source: Christopher Peterson/ Splash News