This past weekend was Cher’s birthday, which the 71-year-old celebrated through a performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, in Las Vegas. Cher did not shy away from see-through outfits and channeled her iconic Turn Back Time look from 1989. She looked stunning.

Cher said goodbye to concerts, tours and new songs a decade and a half ago. So, when she performed on Sunday night at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, it was a throwback that amazed. Not only because of her larger than life stage presence, but also because the 71-year-old was looking as good as ever!

Cher put on quite a performance, singing to of her major hits, “Believe” and “Turn Back Time”. For the first one, she wore a nude and sparkly crystal ensemble. And she added a heart-shaped nipple pasty on the bra. She matched the outfit with a platinum blond and fuchsia wig that matched the color of the heart (and the bangs of her dancers).

For the Turn back Time performance, the singer had the same look as she did in the video of single, released in 1989: see-through dark bodysuit with black crystals, over-the-knee high back boots and leather jacket. To complete the look, the singer wore the 80’s signature big hair, exactly as she had it in the original “Turn Back Time” video.


Cher performing “Turn Back Time” 26 years apart.


Getting nostalgic? Here is Cher’s 1989 video for “Turn Back Time”: