After Rosie O’Donnell’s response to her older adopted daughter’s infamous tales to The Daily Mail, Chelsea O’Donnell calls Rosie “cruel” and “narcissistic” in a reply sent to the publication. The teen also denies the claims that she has a mental illness.

These past couple of days have been rough for the O’Donnells. The 55-year-old stand-up comedian and television host found out that her daughter was alive and well when she read an interview that the 19-year-old gave to The Daily Mail. In it, Chelsea talked about alleged abuse from her adoptive mother throughout the years. She says that she was hit since she was 13-years-old, but their relationship turned alarming in 2015, when Rosie threatened to kill her over some tattoos that she would not reveal to her.

Chelsea says she was kicked out of the family home, while the press wrote about her running away with a man she met on Tinder. He was found a little over a week later. The man, a 25-year-old named Steven Sheerer, was arrested in New Jersey.

Since then, Chelsea O’Donnell seemed to have patched things up with her mom, but it was a short-lived peace. Just a couple of months later, she met her current husband, Nick, whom she married in secret in January of last year, a little while after she found out she was pregnant. The pregnancy ended-up in miscarriage and the two say Rosie was far from supportive in those moments. Moreover, Nick said to the media outlet that O’Donnell offered him money to break-up with Chelsea.

Rosie O’Donnell, who has four other children, wrote a message to the author of the interview, Louise Boyle, accusing her of taking advantage of Chelsea’s mental illness and feeding her drug habit by paying her for tales that are “unfounded, untrue and desperate”.

“Chelsea is mentally ill”, Rosie writes, explaining that her daughter, who has been in and out of the hospital for the most part of her life, has a hole in her frontal lobe, caused by a stroke suffered even before she was born.


Chelsea O’Donnell in 2015
Photo: INSIDE edition


In reply to her mother’s comments, Chelsea O’Donnell wrote to the publication that she was not mentally ill and that her mother does not know her, nor she ever will. She called Rosie “a cruel narcissistic vengeful woman who doesn’t care for anyone but herself”.