Hilary Duff melted our hearts when she posted on social media photos of this adorable rescued pup that she decided to adopt. The “unwanted” dog found his forever home and he seems to have gotten very comfortable.

Yesterday, Younger star Hilary Duff posted a heart-melting photo of the newest household addition. It’s black, it’s tiny and has four paws. “Meet Momo ❤️ @loveleorescue thank you for this sweet addition”, she captioned the picture, in which the two have a cuddly moment.

Meet Momo ❤️ @loveleorescue thank you for this sweet addition ❤️💔❤️💔 #rescuepup #chug

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Later, she shared another photo of the puppy, but this time she was in a dilemma. It seems that the name Momo didn’t stick. “Guys. My mom needs help. Should it be Momo? should it be Bean? Momo or Bean? Hello!”, she wrote, adding: “Name me please! Woof (that’s thanks in dog) and goodnight.


According to the answers she got, Bean seems to be the winner.

And here is a third photo of Duff’s, in which Momo/Bean is just photobombing.

Somehow we always find a way ☺️👯

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This little guy was adopted by the 29-year-old through LOVE Leo RESCUE, a LA-based rescue.  His original name was Mojito.

“Another win for #blackdogs everywhere. Mojito has found his forever home… happy in the arms of @hilaryduff ❣️ This Little #chug went from “unwanted” — to the best life ever. Thank you @hilaryduff for spreading the #adoptdontshop message and welcoming Mojito into your family. Happy life Mojito!💙”, they captioned this special moment.


Mojito became available for adoption three weeks ago. In his “resume”, we find out that he comes from a litter of four, after his mom, a pug, had “illicit affair with what we believe to be a Chihuahua”. They have been rescued from the border of Mexico.

His four other siblings are also available for adoption and they all come with a cocktail name: Pina Colada, Daquiri and Mimosa.


Mimosa has also been adopted in the meantime, while Pina Colada and Daquiri are still waiting for their forever home.

One last #chug for today! #pinacolada #adoptme loveleorescue@gmail.com

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