The Last Ship production has been halted, Us Weekly reports. The TNT series will be reprised after actor Eric Dane, who is dealing with personal issues, will be able to return.

Post-apocalyptic action drama The Last Ship will take a break from the production process, due to some personal problems of its main star, Eric Dane. The 44-year-old actor announced recently that he is battling depression and things got so ugly that he needs to take time off from work and focus on himself solely.

With this being said, The Last Ship production has been halted for a few weeks, with no clear set date for when it will be reprised.

On the series, Dane is both a producer and an actor. He plays Captain Tom Chandler, who managed to save his two children from the deadly virus that took his wife and 80% of the world population.

The Last Ship tells the story of 218 survivors of a globally spread virus. They are now forming the crew of a United States navy ship – an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. Their goals are to stay alive and find a cure to stop the pandemic.

The Last Ship also stars Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott, Adam Baldwin as Captain Mike Slattery, Charles Parnell, as Russell Jeter, Travis Van Winkle playing Lieutenant Daniel Joshua Green, Sam Spruell in the role of Quincy Tophet, Marisa Neitling as Deputy Chief of Staff Kara Green, Christina Elmore as Lieutenant Alisha Granderson, John Pyper-Ferguson as Ken Nolan, Jocko Sims as Lieutenant Carlton Burk, Bridget Regan Sasha Cooper, Bren Foster as Wolf-Man Taylor, Kevin Michael Martin as Eric Miller and Fay Masterson as Lieutenant Commander Andrea Garnett.


The Last Ship’s first season premiered in June 2014.
Photo: TNT


Now to its third season, The Last Ship will premiere its fourth next year. Though initially announced in the mid-2018, the release of the upcoming season might be postponed due to this unexpected hiatus.