Following the Manchester bomb attack on Monday, Mai 22, Ariana Grande suspends her tour. The singer was performing at Manchester Arena in England, when an explosion killed 59 of her fans. The tragedy is described by Prime Minister Theresa May as “an appalling terrorist attack.”


An “inconsolable” Ariana Grande suspended her tour after a bomb went off at her concert yesterday, in Manchester. Details from the media and the police reveal that the explosion came from a suicide bomber who detonated a nail-filled bomb.

Initial reports announced 22 dead and at least 100 injured in the explosion. In the meantime, the number of casualties rose to 59.

The police arrested a 23-year-old – some reports say he is 22. His name was spelt slightly differently, as well: while CBS News reported the man is named Salman Abedi, NBC reported his name was Salmon Ramadan Abedi.

Isis has admitted to having initiated the Manchester bomb attack, but the claim is still investigated.

The Manchester bomb attack aftermath


The tragedy scarred Ariana Grande, who is still in shock. Physically unharmed, the 23-year-old is “inconsolable” and “broken”. She took to Twitter to express her deepest regret for the victims and their families. “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words”, the singer wrote.