Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes talks about Phaedra Parks being shady and spreading rumors even before the crazy story about Kandi Burrus broke out.


NeNe Leakes (above) talks Phaedra Parks (below) moment on RHOA Season 9 Reunion Part 4.
Captions: Bravo


The fourth part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was probably the most shocking in all the history of Bravo Real Housewives series. Usually comprised in three parts, the last Reunion part of the 9th season focused mostly on the inaccurate information circulating around, regardin Kandi’s drug use and her alleged attempt to drug and rape co-star Porsha Williams.

As it turns out, it was Phaedra Parks who started the rumors and she admitted it on the show…sort of. When Williams addresses the rumor, saying she only brought it to Burrus’ attention because she has been told that in confidence by her close friend, Phaedra, Parks denied she has told Porsha first-hand, but explained she has heard it from someone else. Porsha remained shocked and burst into tears.

The show ended with a big birthday cake for Cynthia Bailey, who has recently turned 50 – only on paper, because in real life nobody would add that many years to her look – and a lot of undealth with emotion.

Now, after the storm, NeNe Leakes reveals that Phaedra has been spreading nasty rumors since forever. “Phaedra been doing this b******t for a very long time”, she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!. She added that Parks has tried to defame her, too, but it didn’t work. Phaedra’s been doing stuff like this, she just got caught with these girls.”

Leakes also called Parks “the shadiest” of all the women. Even though the two reality stars seemed to have repaired their friendship since the Jamaica trip, Leakes is still wondering if they are truly friends. “I thought Phaedra and I were cool, but once again, she’s just a fraud, who knows?”