In a response to her older daughter’s latest interview, Rosie O’Donnell wrote a lengthy message to the publication that interviewed her in which she stated: “Chelsea is mentally ill”. She explains that doctors have found a hole in her frontal lobe, which was there probably before birth. It was caused by a stroke in utero and “this severely compromises her cognitive abilities and always has.”

A recent interview given to The Daily Mail by Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Chelsea reveals the rocky relationship between the two, which caused the 19-year-old to cut all tied with her mother.

In the interview, Chelsea opens-up about certain incidents with Rosie, in which, she claims, she was abused both mentally and physically. This urged her to run away from home in the summer of 2015. Rosie reported her missing and the teenager was found 8 days later.


Rosie O’Donnell says her daughter Chelsea has cognitive impairment and she is doing drugs.

At the time, it was mentioned that the girl went missing and interrupted her medication, even though it was not specified what kind of pills she was on.

In response to the stories, 55-year-old Rosie wrote to The Daily Mail and asked that her full response be published as is. In it, the television show host said: “Chelsea is mentally ill, has been in and out of hospitals most of her life, born addicted to heroin – she has had a tough road”.

She addresses Louise Boyle, the interviewer and author of the Daily Mail article, saying that she assumes she paid Chelsea to talk about all that and adds: do what you like louise – as this is the job u have, but know she is very sick.”

O’Donnell continued by saying her daughter has stopped speaking to her completely since her husband, 31-year-old Nick Alliegro “tried to extort $9000” from her family. She revealed her daughter had a brain lesion (in her frontal lobe) and that she cannot separate the truth from fiction and she is incapable of reason. She also said that Chelsea has done other interviews for money and that her request, as a mother, is for the publication to not pay her for this recent story.

“It is comforting to know she is still alive so thank you for that part”, she ends the first part of her response.

Chelsea in 2016.
Photo: Instagram/ Rosie O’Donnell

Here are the highlights of the other things Rosie says about Chelsea:

  • She went to rehab twice and left before the treatment was over
  • Her now-husband, Nick, has kicked Chelsea out multiple times, before they married in secret, when she was 18 and he was 30
  • Chelsea had a suicide attempt
  • Nick is abusing Chelsea (he was arrested for domestic violence in early January)
  • Chelsea’s IQ is 86
  • She is doing drugs
  • Chelsea has been in residential treatment most of her life

Rosie O’Donnell adopted Chelsea when she was just a baby, in 1997.

Aside from Chelsea, Rosie has four other kids: sons Parker, 21, and Blake, 17 and daughters Vivienne, 14, and Dakota, 4.