Baby Oscar from Ghostbursers II committed suicide at his home in Escondido, California, this past weekend. The actor, named Henry Deutschendorf, was 29-years-old.


Henry Deutschendorf, also known as Hank Deutschendorf, was one of the twins who played baby Oscar in the fantasy movie Ghostbursers II. He was very close to his brother, William.

The two brothers did not stay in showbiz. Growing up, they opened a martial arts school in San Diego.


Henry (right) and his brother William, (left).


But Henry was struggling with a difficult diagnosis prior to his death. He was suffering from schizoaffective disorder, which is a combination of schizophrenia and mood disorders, such a depression or mania.

The condition is poorly understood at present and thus hard to treat efficiently. People with the illness need assistance with everyday chores, from morning routine, to completing job tasks and more. If untreated, or treated poorly, it can interfere will the well-functioning of relationships and daily life to a point where it shuts down the connection between the outside world and the patient.

Henry was experiencing the usual symptoms of schizoaffective disorder – hallucinations, delusions, depression and manic states, which led him into a battle for his life every day.

On the day he took his own life, he was discovered by his brother in his California home. According to TMZ, William discovered that his brother had hung himself and called 911 immediately, but it was too late to be revived.

Henry and William Deutschendorf shared the role of baby Oscar on Ghostbursers II, which premiered in 1989. In the movie, Oscar in the son of Dana (Sigourney Weaver), Peter Venkman’s (Bill Murray) ex-girlfriend, who calls the Ghostbusters after the baby stroller seems to have gotten a mind of his own, putting the baby’s life in danger.

Dana (Sigourney Weaver) reaching for her son, baby Oscar (Henry Deutschendorf), on the edge of a building.