In a tweet following the BET Awards, Leslie Jones says The Ritz-Carlton mistreat black people. 

American stand-up comedian Leslie Jones attended the BET Awards over the weekend in Los Angeles and had a blast, as expected. But when she returned to the Ritz-Carlton hotel, where she was accommodated, her night got ruined.

Jones took to Twitter to complain.  “Wow was such a great night at the BET awards. But then had THE WORST STAY @RitzCarlton,” the 49-year-old wrote, warning her followers: “DO NOT STAY THERE!! THEY DONT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!”


The SNL cast member did not tweet any other details on the matter. However, it was enough of an alarm signal for The Ritz-Carlton PR team to try and remedy whatever went wrong.

“We’re very sorry to hear this. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all Please DM us & we’ll look into this right away” @Ritz-Carlton responded to Jones’s tweet.


Leslie Jones has been the target of racially charged attacks in the past couple of years. After the premiere of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, in 2016, Jones received numerous racist messages on Twitter, who were believed to have been orchestrated by her nemesis, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The latter is believed to have made the move after she called him a “gay conservative”. Following the incident, Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter. The racist cyberbullying did not stop, however, and last year in July Jones announced she would close her account. She later reconsidered, after meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

In August, her website was hacked, and several personal information about Jones have been made public, among which data from her driver’s license and her passport. Nude photos of her have been leaked, too.

The incidents have gotten Jones a huge amount of support and sympathy from other celebrities. Among them: Ellen DeGeneres, Ava DuVernay, Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, Octavia Spencer, Lena Dunham and Anna Kendrick.