Man has always aimed for personal evolution in the sense of making a change for the better, at least in theory. Sometimes, it may seem the intentions do not match the outcome or we don’t know how to reach our objective. Here is a 7-step goal achievement plan that will help you chase your dreams with more clarity and higher chnces of success!


  1. What do you want? – formulate your goal in positive terms, defining what you want, not what you do not want to achieve. “I don’t want to be bullied anymore”, for instance, is a wrong start. Try, instead: “I want to get along better with my peers”, or “I want to be admired, included in activities and so on.”


  1. How do you know you have obtained what you wanted? – There comes a moment when you have achieved your goal. How do you know when you have reached that state? Have a clear answer for this question even before you have started working on your goal achievement plan, so you know exactly what you are aiming for. Sometimes, the answer to this is obvious. For example, if you want to get married, the answer would be “I would know I’ve achieved my goal when I will say “I do” and have a ring on my finger. But if you want, for example, a successful romantic relationship, you have to be more precise on what would be the terms that define that particular state for you – you’ve moved in together with a partner, you have been proposed to, or other.


  1. Are there circumstances in which you wouldn’t want your goal achieved? This is an achievement evaluation question. If you want to have more self-confidence, would you want to be like that anywhere, anytime? Define those circumstances.


Your goal achievement plan has to be realistic and easy to follow.
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  1. What are your resources in achieving your goal? They can be financial, psychological, material, they can include people or objects. List them all. The bigger the arsenal, the higher the chances for success. Means to reach yet unreached resources should also be listed here.


  1. How much does the achievement depends on you? The more resources you can generate and use on an individual level, the more dependent on you the goal.


  1. What are the effects of achieving your goal? What aspects of your life will change? Does it influence other people, too? Are you aware of the consequences? And will you be ready to life with them?


  1. Is this goal representative for who you are? Is it congruent with what defines you are a person? Or if it changes who you are, can you live with it?