The chainsaw attacker in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has been identified by the police, who has started a manhunt. The yet unnamed criminal is still free.

On Monday morning – July 24 – police forces in the small town of Schaffhausen. Switzerland, were alerted that a man armed with a chainsaw injured five people in an office building situated on a shopping street in the city center. Of the five victims, two are in serious condition.

Helicopter ambulances came to the scene and cared for the injured. Witnesses say they saw the victims bleeding. Two people were in serious condition and were transported to the hospital, awaiting surgery.

The attacker is on the run.

Police officers ruled out the terrorism hypothesis, stating clearly that it was “not an act of terror”. They also confirmed that they know the identity of the attacker. They did not divulge it. However, in a statement appealing for help from the public, they described him as 190 cm – 6ft 3in – tall, bald and unkempt.

They released two photos of the man, wearing a green T-shirt and dark blue jeans and asking people to help track him down.


The photos of the chainsaw attacker, released by KAPO Schaffhausen.


As of this morning, police have cleared the area of the attack and the town has been on lockdown.

The man’s car, a white Volkwagen Caddy with plates from Graubünden (GR), was found, but he is still free. Police warned: “The suspect is dangerous.” It is not clear whether he still has the chainsaw with him.

Schaffhausen is a small medieval town at the border with Germany. It has approximately 36,000 inhabitants.


UPDATE: The offices in the building the attack took place belonged to health insurance company CSS.


UPDATE: Two of the victims are currently undergoing surgery.