Check out the latest ad for Siri, created where Dwayne The Rock Johnson meets Apple. “The Rock x Siri Dominate The Day” ad teaches people how to use Siri on a regular basis.

“You should never, ever, under any circumstances, underestimate how much Dwayne Johnson can get done in a day with Siri”, reads the description of the video uploaded by Apple on YouTube.

In the video, we see The Rock do a light workout with one arm, while trimming his bonsai tree with the other. During this time, a hairdresser is keeping his skull smooth and Siri, voice activated by Johnson, is reminding him of no less than 27 meetings he has throughout his day.

At one point, a news anchor reports that Dwayne Johnson’s schedule is so full, “it seems that he can’t possibly take anymore.”

His reply? “That sounds like a challenge!”

Assisted by Apple’s personal assistant, right on his iPhone – the latest model, duuh – The Sexiest Man Alive gets a Lyft ride to LAX, flies a plane to Rome, seals a deal for his fashion line with a certain Mr. Nakimura, presents the runway show, cooks a gourmet dinner, plays the guzheng on stage, and last, but not least, takes a trip to the moon.

Chief analyst of Jackdaw Research Ian Dawson told Fox News that “once Apple starts spending serious money on content, and demonstrates that it’s willing to make shows featuring its own products and services”, meaning the IT giant is willing to create original content using the latest movie production technology, “anything can be possible”.


Siri is featured in more Apple products every day, reaching over 375 million iOS devices monthly.

Last month, Apple announced it would include Siri on its HomePod speaker, thus adding more features to the personal assistant. Siri will be able to translate languages and retrieve more posts on Apple News to topics searched on Safari.


“The Rock x Siri Dominate The Day” ad shows you how highly efficient this personal assistant is!