The Chester Bennington funeral over the weekend was an event in itself. It had the security measures of a concert: attendees had to show wrist bands and access passes.

The official Chester Bennington funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, July 29, close to his home, in Palos Verdes, California. The service was attended by almost 200 people. Among the people present, there were family members, his fellow bandmates and other musicians with whom he collaborated over the years.

The security level at the service was as high as at one of Linkin Park’s concerts. According to TMZ, people who attended the funeral were given band wrists and access passes similar to VIP passes you get on concerts.


Chester Bennington funeral passes.
Photo: Instagram/ Austin Carlile


The funeral also had a performance stage fully ecquipped with musical instruments, including a drum kit, where some could pay musical tributes.

As the family chose to have a private funeral for the musician, fans have organized several memorials on all continents.  LPFanCorner made public the full list of cities where memorials are held, includng Los Angeles, New york City, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Paris and Tokyo.

Chester Bennington committed suicide by hanging at the age of 41. His body was found at his Los Angeles residence, on the morning of July 20. There was no indication of drug use right before the hanging. A bottle of alcohol, half-emptied, was found in his proximity.

Bennington killed himself just days after the suicide – also by hanging – of his good friend, musician Chris Cornell. The Soundgarden singer hanged himself on May 17, in Detroit. He was 52-years-old.

Following his death, Bennington, who had spoke openly about his struggle with depression and substance abuse, wrote a chilling tribute to Cornell on social media. “Thoughts of you flooded my mind and I wept, he wrote, adding: “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”