Fox’s animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers is getting more fans every day. Now to its 7th season, numerous details in the story of the Belcher family and their restaurant have become iconic… And turned into memorabilia, available in stores and online, for the growing audience. Here is where to find the best gifts for Bob’s Burgers fans:

Fox Shop – currently, you can find huge discounts for the products. For instance, a wobblehead Bob Belcher is down to $4.97, from its original price of $24.95. Moreover, you can find here exclusive items, such as the Tina Crap Attack Mug for $7.97. For a decent price, you can also add to your shopping cart Bob’s Burgers apron, priced at $14.97.

Source: Fox Shop – written by the show’s producer himself, Loren Bouchard, the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book is a best seller under the humor cooking section. It contains real recipes from the show. Price: $12.74 If you are into action figures, there is more than enough to find on Amazon, from the Belcher family members, to their best friend Teddy, to Gene’s Beefsquatch costume. Price: $10.31

Source: Amazon – if you’re into DIY, handmade and one-of-a-kind, Etsy is the best place to look. Art prints, embroideries, knitted dolls, and accessories with prices ranging from $2 to over $1,000. For instance, you can have the whole Belcher family knitted to order, for $119 and you get a Kuchi Kopi for free.


Source: Etsy

Urban Outfitters – parade your favorite characters around on your black T-shirt that is as basic as it is cool. No need for design tricks. You have The Belchers doing all the work. Price: $28. Here, you can also find the funniest boxers featuring the Belcher kids, for $12 a pair.

Hot Topic – Wanna have a drink with The Belchers? Easy thing to do. Get a few of these pint glasses with outlines of Bob, Linda, Gene, Tina and Louise (one is never enough).Price per piece: $6.23.