Horrific cat killer Robert Farmer gets 16 years in prison. The man abducted, tortured and killed 18 cats in California.

On Friday, July 14, a California judge sentenced cat killer Robert Farmer to 16 years behind bars, for abducting, torturing, killing and abusing the dead bodies of 18 cats.

Farmer has also been hit with a restraining order, being banned from Cambrian Park neighborhood, where he abducted the animals, for 10 years following the sentence. Moreover, he will not be allowed to own or care for a pet for those 10 years.

Upon his release, the man will have 3-year mandatory supervision.

25-year-old Farmer, a San Jose resident was caught when a video camera caught him abducting one of the cats, in 2015. When arrested, investigators found incriminating clues in his car: blood stains, flocks of animal hair and a dead cat.

The necropsy results indicated that the animals were tortured and at least one of them was sexually abused post-mortem.

In court, he pled guilty for 21 counts of felony animal cruelty and two misdemeanor counts. He killed 18 cats and injured 3 others.

The Judge read out loud the names of all the cats that have been Farmer’s victims.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis told NBC: “[The judge] him to 16 years, we can only hope it is long enough.”

Miriam Petrova was one of the owners whose cat, named Go-Go had fallen victim of the cat killer. Her cat’s body has not been found.

With the sentencing on Friday, Petrova is glad justice has been done and hopes she can mourn and heal.  “Finally, today after almost two years and 15 hearings we got justice for our babies!!!” the woman wrote on Facebook.

“We can finally say goodbye to every cat that was involved in this tragedy”, she told NBC.

Miriam Petrova holding a photo of her cat, Go-Go, who was killed by Robert Farmer.


Despite the evidence presented by Ellis, Robert Farmer will not have to register as a sex offender.