John Mayer was inspired by Drake to up his live performance. He told the Associated Press he wants to be competitive. “I want to have a really big show.” Today, Mayer will launch the second leg of his Search for Everything World Tour.

On Tuesday, July 18, John Mayer will perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will be the first concert from the second leg of his Search for Everything World Tour. The audience should expect something big.

“I want to be competitive. I want to be in the world where people are creating bigger and better shows”, he told The Associated Press recently, adding that he believes in healthy competition and mentions that his source of upgrading his game was Drake. “I went and saw Drake’s show and … real artists say, ‘Wow!'[…] Because you see something that wows you and as an artist yourself you go, ‘I want a little of that.’

The 39-year-old musician promised an L.E.D. wall and a L.E.D. floor. “In a way it’s really minimal … but from there you can go anywhere you want to go.” He also mentioned that he dreams so big that the next tour could leave him broke. “I’d go broke from that tour but it would be incredible. It would almost be Broadway-like.”

Mayer’s main goal is to “be modern day and I want to play by modern-day rules and excite people”. That, with his own personal touch.

When speaking about the release of his latest album, that he is promoting during the current tour, Mayer says that “The Search of Everything” would have been released earlier, in 2015, if the opportunity of playing with Dead & Company hadn’t showed-up. “But I knew that this was worth pressing pause for”.

Mayer’s attitude seems more fiery, more active than the mellow one he showed off in December of last year, when he was talking about settling for not being in the spotlight anymore.

John Mayer’s new liver shows will have more L.E.D.