Actress Kate Hudson goes bald for a mystery role in a musical directed by music icon Sia Furler. The two ladies have been spotted grabbing coffee together earlier this month.

On Tuesday, Kate Hudson was seen donning a new haircut. The 38-year-old Hollywood star appears to have said goodbye to her golden locks in favor of an edgier look – the shortest haircut she’s probably ever had! She was photographed on the set of Sia’s new project, in Los Angeles.

On July 17, 41-year-old Sia was spotted meeting Kate Hudson for coffee, in the same sunny Los Angeles, most likely to discuss her project, that is still a mystery. The only thing confirmed is that the project is a musical.

In April, Kurt Russell was telling Harry: “I don’t know if the deal’s not made, or anything, but I think that she’s gonna do this musical that Sia is gonna direct.”


While Kate Hudson is rocking the new buzz cut, Sia, who is known for not showing up in public too often, especially not hidden behind her signature face-covering looks, has shown a more natural look on her apparitions lately.

The Chandelier singer went to meet Hudson with little-to-no make-up, an all-black outfit and her natural blonde hair color.

Back in March, Sia was spotted bearing the same natural look at the LAX, where she was checking-in for a flight to Dubai.

Sia at the LAX, in March, 2017.


Known for being uncomfortable in the public eye, Sia has always been open about her stage fright and her sensitive nature. After appearing anonymously on the cover of Billboard in 2014, she opened-up about her struggle with anxiety on the Howard Stern show, linking her bipolar diagnosis with weed smoking.

In the beginning of 2017, Sia filed for divorce from husband Erik Lang, less than  a month after they had separated.