The Kathy Griffin federal investigation has ended. On July 28, the comedian and TV personality  shared the news on social media, as a response to an AP report.

Kathy Griffin announced via Twitter that her federal investigation case is officially closed. The funny woman, whom the secret services though went to far with her dark humor photo in May, has responded to a post by The Associated press, meant to clear out he current situation.

The AP post wrote that Griffin was not facing jail time, despite the rumors started by certain outlets that she had been incarcerated in June, after walking around NYC with a Donald trumo mask stained with blood.

She tweetd that the Associated press has to clarify that the Kathy griffin federal investigation has “finally” closed and that she has been “completely exonerated”.


In late May, Kathy Griffin appeared in a photo  – that became viral instantly – holdin by the hair a bloody severed fake head that looked very much like The U.S. president. Soon after, she wasfired from CNN and has lost contact with her good friend and New Year’s Special co-host Anderson Cooper. She had her tour cancelled and became the subject of federal investigation.

She later held a press conference explaining how she felt was treated unfairly and disproportioned compared to the harm she had done. “I’ve dealt with older, white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career”, Griffin said, adding that she is used to move on a “male-dominated field” and that her purpose was to make people laugh, which is what she loved most. She also called Trump “a bully” and said he “broke her”.

But things seem to be coming aroung for the comedienne. Not only she has been exonerated but she has not lost Cooper as a best friend. Though she said, at the press conference, she hasn’t spoken to the TV presenter since the incident in May, Anderson Cooper recently told Andy Cohen that he and Griffin were still friends.