Scottish scientists say that kids with high IQ will live over 80 years of age, according to a study comparing data of over 68 years.

Last week, The British Medical Journal published the results of a study which determined a non-disputable link between people’s childhood IQ and their causes of death.  The study was based on Scotland’s population. There were over 33,500 men and over 33,200 of women whose data was studied.

The participants in the study were born in 1936 and were administered and IO tests at age 11.

The researchers crossed the IQ results of the participants with the causes of death over a 68-year follow-up (up to December 2015).

The results showed that the higher the IQ test results, the lower the chance of death before 80-years-of age.

Results were similar for both men and women. However, it was observed that in men, a higher childhood intelligence would lower their suicide risk in adult years.


Kids with high IQ have a higher chance to avoid certain diseases in late years.
Photo: Aikawa Ke / Visual Hunt


The researchers also found out that the amount of the reduced death risk also depends of the cause of death.

A high IQ score leads to

  • 24% lower risk for death from stroke
  • 25% lower risk for death from coronary heart disease
  • 28% lower risk of death from respiratory disease

Other death causes that were proven to be lowered by a high childhood IQ were: injury, dementia, digestive diseases, and smoking-related cancers such as lung and stomach cancer.

This study is the largest so far, to have followed a group of participants over a life course and related causes of death to childhood intelligence. Previous studies with similar results, have studied the relation between childhood tested intelligence and longevity, but they monitored their participants over a much shorter period of time.