Rick and Morty returns after 3-month hiatus between the first episode of Season 3 and the second one. “Rickmancing the Stone” was aired last night.


It took Rick and Morty producers more than a couple of months to release the second episode of the season 3 of the animated series. The first episode premiered on April 1, summing-up 680,000 viewers in the United States.

The second episode, titled “Rickmancing the Stone”, follows the story of mad scientist Rick and his easily distressed grandson Morty. They are joined by older sister (and granddaughter) Summer. The three go through a portal that Rick creates on the floor of the garage and pop out in a post-apocalyptic Earth dimension, very Mad Max-like.


Rick and Morty take Summer to a post-apocalyptic dimension where they are chased by “death stalkers”. But things change when Summer decides to fight back.


After a race for their lives, tables turn and the trio joins the enemy, becoming post-apocalyptic scavengers. The community they have joined is bleak to say the least. They are self-called “death stalkers”, their leader is named Hemorrage and they eat human flesh.

Though invoking that hanging out with the death stalkers could be “therapeutic” for Summer, who’s been acting “pretty crazy lately”, since the parents are in the middle of a divorce, Rick has a different reason to be around them; a glowy green reason.

While the kids are dealing with their feelings regarding their parents divorce in an aggressive way, blending in with the locals, Rick’s only aim is to steal the death stalkers’ most precious treasure.

Rick and Morty next episode, “Pickle Rick”, is set to air on August 6, thus reprising the weekly airing.

The science-fiction animated sitcom premiered on Adult Swim, on December 2, 2013. The show, now to its 23rd episode, is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.