If you are like any of the rest of us mortals, you have tried everything on this list. You know the taste and some you may also know the recipe for. However, if you want to support your physical and mental health, these are 20 foods with empty calories that you should keep out of your diet:


  1. Soda – too much sugar, nothing else, really; plus, it promotes that acid reflux you don’t really want to scare anyone with
  2. Fruit drinks – unless you have a juice maker and you squeeze the fruit (and vegetables) yourself, you can bet it has added sugar
  3. Cookies – sugar and little to none nutrients
  4. Muffins – the same as cookies
  5. Biscuits – the same as muffins
  6. Candy – they are pure sugar, the definition of empty calories
  7. Cakes and pies – not only they incorporate a lot of sugar, but also saturated fats
  8. Chips – they are deep-fried, thus soaking in saturated fats
  9. Crackers – they are made with butter, or margarine
  10. Some dairy – whole milk has too much fat and added sugar
  11. Pizza – caloric bomb with little nutrient content
  12. White bread – refined wheat lacks in fiber, making white bread and empty calorie icon
  13. Hamburgers – the meat is usually coked in fat, the bread is white and the whole content sticks due to saturated fat sauce moist
  14. Fries – deep fried, highly unhealthy
  15. Hot dogs – white bread and processed meat are an empty calorie combo that will fill you up for a short time, then leave you craving for more
  16. Bacon – processed meat, usually cooked with grease
  17. Wine – it contains added sugar, believe it or not
  18. Syrup – it provides quick energy boost, but no nutrients
  19. Drink mixes – they are full of sugar, like syrups
  20. Beer – is typically rich in carbohydrates, but nothing else

Keep these empty-calorie foods out of your diet.


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