This BBC sex scene became viral yesterday! There is visible graphic nudity on the screen behind the news anchor, who was delivering the latest in sports.


The BBC sex scene o the screen behind the news anchor caught the eye of nearly 4 million live viewers.
Caption: BBC/ YouTube


This honest mistake is as amusing as it is inappropriate.

On Thursday, 49-year-old news anchor Sophie Raworth was reporting the latest on the cricket team in England, as part of the “News at Ten” edition. The information she gives – that England’s team registered another victory – is fading against details on the left side, of her shoulder.

On one of the screens that can be seen behind the glass background of the news set, viewers – about 3.8 million at the time (it was live) – could see scenes of what looksl ike the beginning of a pornographic movie. Or, at least a light version.

In the erotic scene, captioned for about 10 seconds, a blonde woman is seen taking her bra off, while a man was watching her.

The direct viewer, the one barely spotted watching the screen from a chair, has his deadest on and appears to be having a relaxed posture, like he’s not doing anything inappropriate.

Some argue that, even though it looks like a porn movie, it might as well have been just a regular movie with a nudity scene. However, according to Toofab, BBC has started investigating the matter and is “establishing the facts”.



A television source told The Sun about the BBC sex scene that it was very unprofessional and that the mishap “has gone down like a lead balloon at the BBC.” The source added” it beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air. The employee is on borrowed time when bosses catch up with him.”