Could it be?  Bob’s Burgers real restaurant? This venue in Modesto, California is five letters away from the restaurant in the famous TV series, airing on Fox.


Fans of the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers may be interested to know that there is a place in California where they could treat themselves with a juicy, highly unhealthy, but mouthwatering burger with a tradition started all the way back in 1963.

The place is called Bob’s Giant Burgers – a slight difference from the name of the restaurant the Belchers run in the series. And just like in the show, the tradition of running a burger place has gone from one generation to the next.

“We’re family and have been around for 55 years serving the same product we served back in 1963”, explains Sue Brook, the owner of the place. She adds: “This was always my dad’s dream and that’s why I carried it on.”


Bob’s Giant Burgers’ grill.
Source: Instagram


The name of the Bob’s Burgers real restaurant was Bob Jacobs. His daughters carried on with the family tradition, not only caring for the original burger place, but also developing the business. Sue’s sister is managing a few other restaurants, under the same name, in Pleasanton.

Bob’s Giant Burgers has signature burgers on their menu. They come with fries, garlic fries, or onion rings. The restaurant also sells a variety of sandwiches – fish and chicken, grilled cheese, sausage – hot dogs and chili dogs. For dessert, customers can choose from homemade ice-cream and milkshakes.

If you have watched Bob’s Burgers’ seven seasons, you could say this comes pretty close to being Bob’s Burgers real restaurant.

The animated sitcom stars the Belcher family – dad Bob, mom Linda, daughters Tina and Louise and son Gene. Their life spins around their burger restaurant, in the company of friends Teddy and Mort and antagonizing Jimmy Pesto, the owner of an Italian restaurant across the street.

Bob’s Burgers first episode aired on January 9, 2011. The eight season is set to premiere on October 1.

Bob’s Burgers tells the story of the Belcher family and their burger restaurant.
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