Bodybuilder Rich Piana had been declared dead this morning, after three weeks of coma in a Florida hospital. He was 46-years-old.

Bodybuilding star Rich Piana passed away in the early hours of Friday, August 25, TMZ reports. The 46-year-old was in laying unconscious on a hospital bed for nearly three weeks before  he took his last breath.

Piana entered the coma – which he never woke-up from – on the afternoon of August 7, while he was in the bathroom of his home. His girlfriend, Chanel, has giving him a haircut, when the man collapsed without notice. She tried to prevent him from getting injured during the fall, but he was too heavy to hold. Piana hit his head on the fall.

Chanel tried CPR but with no success.

An ambulance was dispatched to the location and paramedics gave him 2 doses of Narcan, after they had noticed some white powder on a table. Next to it, there was a credit card and a straw.

Rich Piana arrived at the hospital, still unconscious. The doctors put him in a medically-induced coma to clean his system.

When the police descended to his apartment, they found 20 bottles of testosterone.

According to Chanel, Rich had been using steroids for over 20 years and had a heart condition. She also revealed he was addicted to opiates but, as far as she knew, he hadn’t been using for a while.

The District Six Medical Examiner in Florida confirmed the bodybuilder’s death, but made no comments on whether the cause of death is linked to his steroid and opiates use.

Rich Piana was a social media sensation, having 1.2 million followers. He participated in numerous bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. California.


Rich Piana had been using steroids for over 20 years and had a heart condition.
Photo: Instagram