Brooklyn Decker leaves her son Hank at daycare for the first time and pretty soon it all turns to tears. This time, though, the one doing the crying is the adult.


Brooklyn Decker and baby Hank.
Photo: Instagram


Brooklyn Decker’s son Hank will turn 2 in September. His mom took him to daycare starting today and he was behaving great. No crying, no screaming, nothing that you would expect a toddler to do when put into a new environment and left there. On the contrary, a nice lady took him by the hand, he smiled and off he went. He didn’t even say goodbye to his mom.

This is what the 30-year-old actress is describing as she is sobbing behind the wheel of her car. Decker uploaded on Instagram a video of herself crying and driving, after parting from little Hank.

She captioned the video: “Hank’s first day of daycare was the WORST. For me. It was the worst for me. He was completely thrilled. He didn’t even turn to say bye. ‘Peace out, mom.'”

“It’s terrible…He just walked off, he was totally fine!”, Decker is heard saying in the video, through tears.

The blonde beauty is pregnant with her second child. Her husband, tennis star Andy Roddick, revealed the sex of the baby in late July, during his acceptance speech at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Class of 2017 event – the couple is expecting a girl. While praising his wife for helping him adjust to the retired sportsman status, Roddick said: “You’re the reason why my personal transition into a quasi-normal, everyday life has been gratifying and full.” He added: “Hank will someday realize how lucky he is. Our daughter that’s coming will also realize she has the best mother on earth.”

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick tied the knot in April 2009, after a year-long engagement. They had been dating since 2007.