Over the weekend, Chris Hemsworth had a sweet paradise escape birthday. He celebrated with wife Elsa Pataki on a secluded hideaway on the Great Barrier Reef.

Celebrities need some vacation time just like anybody else. And hiding away on an island sounds like the perfect way to clear your mind and enjoy wild nature.

Chris Hemsworth has just turned 34, on August 11, and has celebrated with his wife and a few friends in the wild exotic scenery offered by Orpheus Island. The Thor star shared a number of photos on Instagram showing not only the beauties of the landscape, but also how strong his marriage (still) is.

“One of the best weekends ever thanks @orpheusisland and @australia”, he captioned the set of pictures, starting with one in which wife Elsa hangs on tight to his neck and waist, while smooching him.

The caption continued: “If you haven’t been then add it to the long list of amazing places to see in Oz, it’s a must!”


Pataky also shared a photo from the steamy weekend, this time with her holding Hemsworth in all his might! “Happy birthday to my koala bear!! @chrishemsworth. best weekend ever! Love you always and forever!! #shitimstrong 💪😜 #paradise @orpheusisland @australia ❤️❤️”, she wrote.


The couple spent their time rock climbing, scuba diving, surfing and of course, tanning.

41-year-old Elsa Pataky, also an actress, met Chris Hemsworth in 2010 through her agent. It was a “tell my people to call you people to set up a date” thing. And it seems to have worked perfectly, as the two have not been apart since. Not only that, but they were married by the end of that year!

Hemsworth and Pataki are parents to a 5-year-old daughter, India Rose, and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, both 3.

Rumors of the couple having marital problems sparked last year in October. But the two had a laugh about it and called the outlets publishing them “misleading”.