Antonio D’Amico disputes Ricky Martin’s portrayal of himself in the Versace murder documentary. The model and fashion designer believes the moment he found his ex-loves at the crime scene lifeless is presented in a romanticized manner.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story is currently filming and singer-turned-actor Ricky Martin is playing the role of Versace’s lover, Antonio D’Amico. In a recent interview for The Guardian, D’Amico commented on his portrayal on the series by Martin. Previously to the interview, he had seen the photos snapped on the set, which have been shared on social media.

“The picture of Ricky Martin holding the body in his arms is ridiculous”, D’Amico bluntly says, adding that even if that would be the director’s “poetic license”, it is still untrue. “That is not how I reacted”, the 58-year-old says.

Ricky Martin as Antonio D’Amico in the Versace murder scene.


D’Amico recalls the tragic moment of finding Gianni Versace shot and describes it as a very dark experience. “I felt as if my blood had turned to ice”, he says. As the house had glass windows, which were stained, making it impossible to see what had occurred on the other side of the gates, he had they had to open the gate.  “I saw Gianni lying on the steps, with blood around him. At that point, everything went dark. I was pulled away. I didn’t see any more.”

Antonio D’Amico, who was in a relationship with the high-end fashion designer for 15 years, also says that his partner was not ashamed or afraid to come out as gay, as it is implied in the movie. He says that they “lived like a natural couple” and that the nature of the couple “was never a problem”. Moreover, everyone close to them knew. “It was the right moment for him to come out in public, but everyone involved in our world knew.”

Antonio D’Amico


Gianni Versace was found dead on July 15, 1997 on the steps of his house in Miami, Florida, outside the gates of the property. He was shot by a man named Andrew Cunanan, who took his own life just a few days later. Cunanan was responsible for a total of five murders, of which Versace’s was the last. The crime motive remains unknown.

The Versace murder documentary will be part of the award-winning American Crime Story